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Obey the Rules

It is important for everyone’s enjoyment and safety, to abide with our basic ‘rules’ on any of our tours.

By riding with us you confirm that you will assist in keeping everyone else safe, and talk to one of us if something is bothering you. We can make a plan to ensure we meet your expectations, or at worst, to adjust your expectations. By riding you confirm to understand & abide to the below ‘rules’.

Open roads

We ride on bitumen (or gravel).  Either way, these roads are open to all traffic. We obey all traffic rules, officials, marshals, medics and ride captains. We are courteous to all people, including motorists, where one often finds a phenomenon known as a “driver” driving these funny inventions.

They tend to be less courteous than humans, and like going fast in special transporters that make them impervious to life’s joys, i.e bicycles.  We forgive them for that.


Ours are tours, not races. There are no prizes and you may take as many shortcuts or detours as you like, BUT we can not look out for you, then. If you have a friend, wife and / or mistress in a support vehicle, ensure they  adhere to the route & rules, and stay far away from all riders while in convoy. Their best position is behind a group, and to be aware of any riders behind them. They may drive in the emergency lane (denoted by a yellow line) according to the stupid laws of this country.

Be self-sufficient

Ensure your bike, you, and your gear are in good working order. Carry some basic spares with you. Bring anything else that you would like to store in the sweep vehicle. Limited mechanical assistance may also be provided by your ride captains, but a tube, a few essential tools and a small pump will always be expected to be carried by YOU.

Know the route